Smart Signage Solutions

Yexis provides a unique digital signage platform for managing the efficient distribution of place-based targeted messages and branded experiences across networked displays. It is designed intelligently to scale with the growing demands of the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry. It provides a standards-based platform that offers certainty to marketing and advertising professionals seeking a viable long-term solution to meet the current and future demands of their digital signage deployments. Yexis has handled implemented high scale Digital Signage Solutions in Chennai for various top clients ranging from manufacturing to Retail.

  •  Yexis provides digital signage solutions for retail, which form an ideal platform. Geographically distributed with multiple departments, corporate marketing officers can benefit greatly from the precision and flexibility offered by digital signage at their stores.
  •  Centrally managed, networked Digital Signages reduces the dependence on in-store employees to execute point-of-purchase marketing programs, while allowing marketers to target specific areas within the store to send tailored messages to shoppers browsing products on the shelves. Yexis has done lot of projects is implementing Digital Signages to Retail industries in Chennai.

In today’s challenging business environment displaying targeted information at the most appropriate time and space is of paramount importance. Attracting people to your products or services in real time adds to their experience and hastens their decision making to become your most valued customers.


  •  Healthcare providers have a very good business case for Digital Signage. They generally have a captive audience waiting at the doctor’s office or at the reception or at the diagnostic lab. This is generally a time that can vary from 10 minutes to an hour. Advertisers and content partners have an ideal opportunity to market products and services to a national audience within a known demographic. Additionally, it decreases audience perception of the content time, while providing an effective way for health care providers to communicate with and educate patients while reducing clerical staff interruptions.
  •  Through such an effective digital signage network from yexis, providers can offer a wellbalanced format of up-to-date patient education and testing information, healthcare news, supplemental preventive medicine programming as well as sponsored promotional segments and messages.

Digital Signages is best employed in manufacturing sector. Facilities in this type of environment are the best areas to reap in the maximum benefits. In Manufacturing, Large format display allows better maintenance and operational practices. It serves as a guide to the apprentices and can also instill best practices at the shop floor. This will help in preventing accidents and ensure safe practice. This is very common in places where the employee has to do repeated task in a complex machinery and have no access to support. LFDs in such areas help the worker to get acquainted with the machinery and before long it becomes second nature to him. The same can be used to display

  •  The latest updates and messages can be flashed  Production schedules can be displayed
  •  Safety procedures can be reinforced and would serve as an effective tool to prevent unfortunate mishaps
  •  Flood gates for communication channels can be opened throughout the manufacturing environment, including cafeteria, security area, rest rooms etc..
  •  Yexis can help managers and supervisors to focus on more creative and productive work and need not be burdened to call for meetings to communicate the above.

The usage of LFDs in schools , universities and other educational institutions is growing rapidly. They are being used to promote events, projecting emergency alerts and communicating important messages. It has become an important conduit for disseminating knowledge. Nowadays LFDs are also considered as a revenue generation tool by allowing relevant content for students to be displayed by sponsors. it is a win-win situation for both the parties. There are various ways Yexis can help your institution to maximize the mileage of these LFDs

  •  Sports facilities and the importance of an active life can be displayed
  •  Images of past Illustrious alumni can be flashed at strategic places for the current generation to be inspired
  •  Lab facilities and their occupation status
  •  Campus communications
  •  Every university lives on generous contribution and donations and LFDs can be used to show your gratitude to them
  • The entire school communication can be scheduled and programmed to be displayed at strategic time slot and locations.
  •  Higher Education and niche courses that the institution offers can be proudly displayed at the campus

Yexis has worked extensively with its customers. The digital signage solution that we provide helps visitors, regular customers and tourists to acquire timely information that informs and positively impacts their stay or vacation experience. This will go a long way to have the patrons coming again and again to savor the ease and flow of communication.

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